How does it work?

Straight forward. It’s almost like renting your phone/tablet, look after it and then return it in exchange for the newest, latest version.

What are the next steps?

1. You choose your phone.

2. You enter a Rental agreement contract

3. You look after the phone.

4. We fetch the phone after 12 month.

5. You’ll choose a new model, entering a new contract.

Guaranteed Future Value: also known as guaranteed buy-back. It is one of the most cost-effective ways to take your old device back and provide you with a brand new one – after only one year.

What’s the catch?

Well nothing, other than that you do not own the phone. You just “rent” the phone to keep the instalments down. That way, you can afford to get a new phone/tablet every year. And that we need you to look after it as if it was your own.

Fair Usage policy: to keep the instalments low, stop abuse and to protect your investment, we have to apply some rules: Your phone has to be returned after 1 year in a good condition (normal wear and tear accepted). Familiarize yourself with the conditions in the T&C’s prior signing the contract.

Problems with device?

No problem – go back to Edcon as your phone is comprehensively covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Please check the brand’s website for any additional insurance cover your device may have.

What if my phone got stolen?

Report theft to SAPS within 48hrs and contact SmartSwop immediately. We will work with you to find a suitable replacement.

What about damages?

Should you wish to lodge an insurance claim, you will be eligible to pay an admin fee as per our T & Cs

Wanting to opt out early?

No problem – contact SmartSwop to enquire about the outstanding early settlement amount